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Meningitis B Vaccine

The Meningitis B vaccine is now available in Birmingham at King’s Pharmacy! This vaccine is highly recommended for babies aged 8 weeks, 16 weeks, and 1 year. The Meningitis B vaccine will help protect your young baby against infection from meningococcal group B bacteria. Meningococcal infections can be life-threatening, leading to complications and illnesses such as meningitis and sepsis (blood poisoning)  therefore getting vaccinated is important.


Meningitis B vaccine safety

The Meningitis B vaccine can lead to some side effects, however, these are usually mild and don’t last too long. The vaccine has been repeatedly tested. Just over 8,000 people, including more than 5,000 babies and toddlers, have had the Meningitis B vaccine during various clinical trials to ensure its safety. There are hundreds of various strains of Meningococcal group B bacteria throughout the world. recent testing has suggested that the Meningitis B vaccine protects against 90% of strains in the UK.


meningitis vaccine birmingham


How the Meningitis B vaccine works

The Meningitis B vaccine is made from three proteins found on the meningococcal bacteria, and this is combined with the outer membrane of one type of Meningitis B strain. These combinations work in sync and stimulate the immune system to protect against future exposures to meningococcal bacteria. Babies who receive the Meningitis B vaccine at the same time as the majority of the new born vaccinations at 8 and 16 weeks are likely to develop a high temperature or fever for 24 hours following. It’s vital to administer liquid paracetamol to your baby following the vaccination to reduce the risk of fever.

If you have any questions about the meningitis B vaccine available at King’s Pharmacy in Birmingham, feel free to contact us today!


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