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Care Home Services Birmingham

At King’s Pharmacy, we look after more than just the individual. Our care home services in Birmingham are here to make sure all of your loved ones receive the care and support they need.


Your Care Home & Provider Services in Birmingham

Care providers

The community dosage system is for specific patients who take large quantities of various medications or those who can’t remember to take their medications at the correct time due to ongoing complications surrounding the individual’s difficulties.

At Kings Pharmacy, we will put all of your medication in a simple weekly pack that is easy to follow, leading to better compliance and a safer administration of medication. We provide Colour-coded MAR charts to assist any compliance requirements.



Care Homes

We at Kings Pharmacies offer a full range of medication management solutions to care homes. These include:

  • – 15+ years of experience in serving care homes across south Birmingham
  • – Range of MDS options catered to suit the needs and requirements of the home
  • – Full colour-coded MAR charts.
  • – Accredited training for care staff helping them administer various medications
  • – Regular medicine audits
  • – We can provide loan equipment
  • – Same-day delivery service.

We believe in making sure you and your loved ones remain always looked after.

Blister Packs for Care Homes

Here at King’s Pharmacy, we like to be on the cutting edge of medical technology, so that we can serve patients in the safest and most efficient way. We’re happy to announce that our blister pack service now utilises our recently installed Omnicell VBM Robotic filling machine. We are one of the few pharmacies across Birmingham that are able to provide you with this service. Now more than ever, pharmacies are positioned to play an important role in improving medication adherence and King’s Pharmacy is here to help!

The Omnicell VBM machine

Our newly installed Omnicell VBM machine automates our blister pack creation increasing efficiency, capacity and safety. The failure of patients to stick to the right dose of medicine at the right time can have a long-term impact on a patient’s health and add to an already overburdened NHS. However, with our blister packs service for care homes, we can support you if you struggle to take the right medication at the right time – even if you have a complex medication regimen. You can read more about this service here or fill in the form below to sign up.

For more information or to ask any questions, you may have then don’t be afraid to contact us and ask for Mr Bob Ubhi.

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