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Medicines in a Mess? We can help with that.

Don't let your meds get in a mess!

Let us pack your pills! Here at King’s Pharmacy we like to be on the cutting edge, so that we can serve patients in the safest and most efficient way. We’re happy to announce that our blister pack service now utilises our recently installed Omnicell VBM Robotic filling machine. We are one of the few pharmacies across Birmingham that are able to provide you with this service. Now more than ever, pharmacies are positioned to play an important role in improving medication adherence and King’s Pharmacy is here to help!

The Omnicell VBM machine

Our newly installed Omnicell VBM machine automates our blister pack creation increasing efficiency, capacity and safety. The failure of patients to stick to the right dose of medicine at the right time can have a long-term impact on a patient’s health and add to an already overburdened NHS. However, with our blister packs we can support you if you struggle to take the right medication at the right time – even if you have a complex medication regimen.

How It Works

The Omnicell VBM machine identifies and certifies medication based on size, shape and color. It accommodates over 200 different medications on the machine so you can be assured that no matter what the medication, the Omnicell VBM machine will have it sorted.

The machine also has a verification function so that all tablets loaded into it are barcoded and scanned for markings. The trays are imaged when they are dispensed in order to ensure their accuracy. The new packs have photos of each tablet as well as markings and can even incorporate patient photos.

The whole filling and packing process is overseen by our qualified team of expert dispensers and pharmacists so you can be assured the medications are placed exactly how you want them.

We only believe in providing the best value to you!

For a closer look at the machine and how it works, take a look at the video below:

Blister Packs and Their Benefits

Blister packs are a medication aid that bring to you the convenience of your monthly medication in one place. They are organised by time of day and day of the week, which makes it easy for you to select the correct time and day and push out all the required medication for that time. Some of the benefits:

– The packs are personalised with the identifying information of the individual.

– Each tablet comes with a photograph with a matched label enabling easier identification.

– The requisite description and dosage information is present, which helps patients or carers better identify the medication prescribed.

– Each blister pack has a barcode tracking feature and digital data encoding for auditing.

In addition to improving adherence, blister packs can help you achieve better health outcomes. They are much easier to use than traditional pill boxes. It’s easier to spot a missed day or if multiple daily dosages have been taken on a single day. You can collect your weekly blister pack from the pharmacy or have it delivered using our prescriptions delivery service.

"Blister Packs are convenient and improve adherence.


How Can You get your medications arranged into a Blister Pack?

A blister pack is normally recommended following discussion with your GP or our pharmacy team. We will make up the prescription ready for for you to collect from the pharmacy or they can be delivered for FREE to your house or care setting to make sure you have everything you need for when you need it.

We will always get the patient to sign on the receipt just for extra safety.

If you care for a friend or relative, you can organise this for them (subject to their consent) and we can work with you to ensure they get their medication on time. This can include sending you notifications of deliveries via our delivery app.

Only half of patients take their medication as recommended by their prescriber; we want to change this for the better. Please speak to a member of our pharmacy team to find out if this solution can benefit you or someone you care for.

For more information on the blister packs now available at King’s Pharmacy in Birmingham, please fill our enquiry form.

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