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Ear Wax Removal

Our Birmingham earwax removal service allows you to access treatments such as:

  • – Ear irrigation – water is used to flush the wax out
  • – Micro-suction that sucks away any excess wax


These treatments are often painless and aim to improve symptoms rapidly. Whilst some GPs may offer these services many do not. Therefore, paying for private treatment may be the best option for you!


What Earwax Treatments Are Available?

Earwax does usually fall out on its own without the need for treatment. However, earwax build-up can cause:

  • – Earache
  • – Hearing issues
  • – Tinnitus
  • – Ear infection

If our pharmacists recommend earwax removal, you may also need to take ear drops before the removal procedure as they can help soften the wax prior to its removal. GPs will often forward people with earwax problems to a pharmacist for advice and treatment. So you may wish to save yourself a trip to the GP and come straight to Kings Pharmacy!


Ear Wax Removal in Roslin and Peebles or in Your Own Home — Edinburgh Audiology Rehab EAR


What is micro-suction?

Microsuction is the safest and most effective method of ear wax removal. It is a process that uses a precision, low-pressure suction apparatus to safely suck up obstructing skin cells and wax from the ear canal. It avoids touching the sensitive area around the ear canal and evades contact with the eardrum. This technique is the opposite of ear syringing.  With ear syringing, high-pressure water is squirted into the ear to dislodge any excess wax. Microsuction is the more accurate and comfortable technique.


Why is micro-suction better?

Micro-suction is:

  • – Safe
  • – Quick
  • – Clean
  • – Generally better tolerated, with fewer side effects
  • – More effective
  • – Doesn’t require weeks of waiting for drops to soften ear wax


What to expect from ear micro-suction

Private ear wax micro-suction is provided by our highly skilled and trained team who will guide you through the procedure, show you the range of equipment and ask you to sign a consent form prior to the process beginning. The micro-suction process can be quite loud and, on occasion, make you feel slightly dizzy. Usually, these effects pass within a short while. If you are having the procedure on both ears, it will take up to 30 minutes to complete.


Prior to the procedure

We recommend EAROL SPRAY 3 drops to be used twice a day 3-5 days prior to your appointment allowing the wax to be the correct consistency for the most effective micro-suction.


Treatment Prices

  • – Our Consultations are FREE
  • – Ear Microsuction for one ear: £32.50
  • – Ear Microsuction for both ears: £47.50



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