Lipotrim Weight Management Service

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Lipotrim Weight Management Service

Losing weight can be challenging and demotivating if your hard work isn’t being reflected on your bathroom scales. Losing weight and improving your health can significantly increase your quality of life. This is especially true for people who are clinically obese. We offer a weight loss service from our in-store clinic where we can offer advice and support for losing weight. Also, we offer a range of private medications that are proven to aid weight loss such as Lipotrim in Birmingham.


What Are Weight Management Medications?

Weight management medications are prescription-only medications designed to support clinically obese individuals who are trying to lose weight. Each type of weight loss medication works in different ways.

Weight management medications can work by:

  • – Stopping your body from absorbing about one-third of fat consumption
  • – Reducing appetite
  • – Limiting your cravings


Are Weight Management Medications Safe?

All medications come with risks and weight-loss medications, like Orlistat and Xenical, are no different. Weight-loss medications are available as a prescription-only, meaning you cannot buy them without being assessed by a healthcare professional. This means that your pharmacist can ensure your suitability before prescribing them. Weight management medications are for people who are clinically obese meaning a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above. If you have diabetes and your BMI is 28 or above you may also be able to receive weight loss medication. This however is not a long-term treatment. They are designed to support weight loss while also making lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating and increasing activity levels.



Lipotrim is now available at King’s Pharmacy in Birmingham! Lipotrim is a food replacement program that works alongside physical activity and diet change in order to aid sustainable weight loss.

The program involves using Lipotrim Total Food Replacement formulas in place of your regular meals and weekly visits to your pharmacy to track your progress. Each visit, we will measure your weight, carry out a urine test (where possible) to measure ketones to check your compliance and adequacy of your fluid intake and give you the support you need to stick to the program. You will also be using these visits to pick up your weekly supply of Lipotrim foods.

Once you reach your desired weight or are ready to stop, we will help you switch back to eating ordinary food and introduce you to Lipotrim Maintenance products to help you maintain your new weight!



What Are The Benefits Of Losing Weight?

There are multiple benefits to losing weight. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce your risks of developing serious conditions including:

  • – Cardiovascular disease
  • – Diabetes- Stroke
  • – Cancer

Being a healthy weight can also improve many other aspects of your health such as:

  • – Reduced symptoms of existing conditions such as asthma
  • – Increased energy
  • – Reduced strain on your joints
  • – Better sleep
  • – More self-confidence and a positive outlook.


Visit Kings Pharmacy Birmingham and let us help you lose weight!

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