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Kings Pharmacy has teamed up with Charac to develop the Kings Pharmacy App! This will make your repeat prescription ordering process easier and more convenient. Using the Kings Pharmacy App, is quicker, easier – and it’s free!


What is the Kings Pharmacy app?


The Kings Pharmacy App is an NHS repeat prescription ordering app also known as the Online Repeat Prescription App. The Kings Pharmacy app allows you to digitally request your repeat prescription without having to contact your local GP or pharmacy.

Using the Kings Pharmacy app, you can skip the queues, phone calls or visits to your GP when you need your repeat prescription fulfilled.

Once the prescription is ready, you can pop into your pharmacy and collect your medication or have it delivered to you.

The Kings Pharmacy App and the electronic prescription service helps to reduce the hassle of collecting a repeat prescription. It also helps to reduce the admin time for your GP and your pharmacy. Plus, it helps save paper too!

The Kings Pharmacy App also allows you to book appointments with your local pharmacist, and see what services are available at your local pharmacy.


How to set up your electronic prescription service


1) Download the Kings Pharmacy App

You can download the Kings Pharmacy App using the links below. The app is free to download so you don’t have to pay to use it.

2) Connect with Kings Pharmacy

Once you’ve downloaded the relevant app, you’ll then be able to begin reordering your medication through the app.

Please get in contact with us if you would like to set up your EPS with Kings Pharmacy, or click here to go directly to our EPS nomination form.


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