Medicine Disposal

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Medicine Disposal

Dispose your unwanted medicines in Birmingham with Kings Pharmacy

Disposing of unwanted medicine in Birmingham has never been easier!

If you have any unused or expired prescription medication or unwanted medicine that you bought in-store, bring them to Kings Pharmacy for a safe disposal process.
It is unsafe to put old or unwanted medication in normal bins. This is a free service operating throughout the country but if you are local to south Birmingham then make sure you safely and correctly dispose of expired or unwanted medication at Kings Pharmacy!


medicine disposal


Stockpiling Medication

All of the medication that you bring into our pharmacy cannot be used again meaning it is incredibly important that you do not stockpile medication and simply request the medication that you require.

Stockpiling can also lead to a mixing of medication which can be dangerous to anyone in your household. Each year over £300 million of NHS money is wasted by unused or unwanted prescription medication, this is a serious issue but it is easy to fix.

Additionally, every year large amounts of unused and expired medications are binned or disposed of in toilets or down the sink. This leads to damaging wide-ranging effects on the environment and human health. The evidence suggests that the presence of various chemicals released from medication in the soil and in drinking water.

Due to this, it remains vitally important that you dispose of any unwanted medicine in Birmingham correctly!

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