Our Guide to Accessible Travel with Mobility Products

accessible travel mobility birmingham

As travel is beginning to open back up, you may be feeling nervous about going back outside again, let alone going abroad. This is especially true if you require mobility aids to help you get around in your everyday life. However, here at Kings Pharmacy, we believe that this should never get in the way

Sexual Health Services: Where to Find Free Contraception & Advice

sexual health services birmingham

  Just like our physical and mental health, sexual health is something we need to take care of. Looking after your sexual health isn’t something to be embarrassed about and sexual health services clinics aren’t just for the young or unorganised – these services are provided by the NHS to provide everyone with free sexual

How To Jet Off With Affordable Day 2 & 8 Testing

day 2 and 8 tests birmingham

  With the easing of Covid restrictions, more and more people are heading off on business trips and family holidays. However, we know that you may be concerned about adding Covid PCR tests to your usual travel costs. Whatever your reasons for jetting off, we are offering affordable day 2 and 8 tests in Birmingham.

Why You Need Prescription Sunglasses All Year Round

get prescription sunglasses birmingham

  As it starts getting warmer, we know that you will be reaching for your sunglasses to shield you from the sun. However, healthline claims that you should wear sunglasses everyday, no matter what the season. Find out why eyecare in the sun is essential, and how you can get prescription sunglasses in Birmingham.  

Travel Stress-Free With Our 5 Step Travel Health Checklist

travel health checklist birmingham

We know that after not having travelled for over a year, and with the ever-changing nature of regulations – you may be feeling stressed about planning any trips abroad. Whether you are looking to head off on a business trip, or making up for lost family holidays, we are here to help. We have collated

Jet Off With Our Covid PCR Tests – 24hr Results Available

covid pcr test birmingham

As travel begins to open up again, we know that you may be looking to reorganise all of the business trips and family holidays you have missed out on. However, we know that with current restrictions, you may be worried about factoring a PCR test into your usual travel costs. That’s why we are offering

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