How to Manage Incontinence in your Daily Life

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What is incontinence? Urinary incontinence can be defined as ‘the unintentional passing of urine’ and represents a very common condition, affecting millions of people in the UK alone. There are several different types of incontinence, with each having its own characteristics. – Stress Incontinence: Firstly, we have stress incontinence; this arises when urine leaks out

What Vaccines Do I Need to Get to Travel Abroad?

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  Certain vaccinations have long been necessary or recommended to travel to certain destinations from the UK, but we’ve become more aware than ever of what vaccines can do for us over the past year. While we’re all aware of the necessity of getting vaccinated for COVID-19, some of the vaccines you need or are

How to End your Isolation Early with Test to Release

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    COVID-19 has burdened each of our lives over the past 18-months. However, with life now slowly returning to normal and travel being resumed, this summer has seen a vast number of people travelling across the globe, using the regulations on the government website. However, we understand that a ten-day quarantine period may not

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