How Do You Prevent and Treat Men’s Hair Loss?

Hair grows out of follicles, which are tiny pores in your skin. There are approximately five million hair follicles in a human’s body, with about 100,000 of them on the scalp. Male-pattern baldness, the most common type of hair loss, can start early. Continue reading to learn the causes of men’s hair loss in Birmingham. Can

Should You Get Yellow Fever Vaccination Before Travelling?

There is a very effective vaccine that can prevent you from getting yellow fever if you travel to a region where the disease is widespread. Prior to your trip, it’s critical to make sure you have all the information you require. Even if you have had your vaccination, you should still try to prevent mosquito

Why Should You Get a Chlamydia Test?

what antibiotic to treat chlamydia in Birmingham

One of the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the UK is chlamydia. However, it is more prevalent in sexually active teens and young adults. Transmission is through unprotected intercourse (sex without the use of a condom). What antibiotic is used to treat chlamydia in Birmingham? Continue reading for more information. In England, it’s

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