Why is the Covid Vaccine Important During Winter?

Wearing a mask

The COVID-19 vaccinations are secure and reliable. They provide you with the strongest protection against COVID-19, especially in the winter. Stringent safety measures have been put in place to help ensure the security of all COVID-19 vaccinations. The vaccinations must go through extensive testing in clinical trials to demonstrate that they fulfil internationally agreed-upon standards

What are The Most Common STIs?


The transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) occurs during unprotected sex. This can either be vaginal, oral, or anal sex. An STI can be acquired by anyone who engages in sexual activity and can be spread in a variety of ways. Keep reading to find out what a full STI screening in Birmingham includes and

When Should I Check My Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure machine

Sometimes high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, calls for immediate medical attention. This applies if your blood pressure spikes quickly and severely. Keep reading to learn more about blood pressure testing in Birmingham. What are ideal normal blood pressure readings by age? You will often be given 2 numbers—a top and a bottom one—when your

Why Should You Get a Flu Vaccine this Year?

The flu vaccine is available through the NHS at a good number of pharmacies. This vaccine protects against the virus and is especially beneficial to those who are more likely to experience serious complications. Keep reading to learn how to book a flu jab on the NHS in Birmingham. When should you book a flu

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