Our Guide to Accessible Travel with Mobility Products

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Our Guide to Accessible Travel with Mobility Products

As travel is beginning to open back up, you may be feeling nervous about going back outside again, let alone going abroad. This is especially true if you require mobility aids to help you get around in your everyday life. However, here at Kings Pharmacy, we believe that this should never get in the way of you enjoying your time abroad. That’s why we have created this guide to accessible travel with mobility products in Birmingham, helping you to ensure that you will have everything you need to take back some control of your holiday.



Consider your destination carefully

When you are looking to travel, it is essential that you consider your destination before your trip. We would recommend that you ensure that your needs will be met in your destination of choice. According to Lonely Planet, it is often difficult to find the information you need on the websites of respective accommodations. Alternatively, in some cases there may be information present, but it is not always correct or regularly updated. Therefore, you should call ahead of time to ascertain the details of your room. This will allow you to request a room change in advance, as well as any additional requirements, if needed.

You can even find out in guides, such as the Lonely Planet one, which facilities and venues are suitable for your accessibility needs. This extends from tourist attractions to restaurants and even shops.

Worried about preparing for travel when it comes to your health? Why not check out our 5 step travel health checklist below to help you jet off stress-free!


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Check with your airline in advance

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, if you use an electric mobility aid, such as an electric scooter or wheelchair, you should inform the airline in advance. Providing information such as the make, model, size and weight of your mobility aid will allow for them to load and stow it safely for the flight. If you require any assistance prior to the flight, you should also make your airline aware of this. This will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible.


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Choose the right mobility aids

When you use mobility aids to get around in your daily life, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a holiday in the same way as others. If you are worried about the storage of your mobility aids, whether on a plane or in a car – we are here to help. We offer a range of accessible, travel-friendly mobility products in Birmingham to help make your life easier.

Our fully-equipped mobility centre was created with you in mind. We offer all of the products you may need, from walking sticks and reachers, to rollators and incontinence products. We even offer specialised light wheelchairs, which are perfect for travel.


You can find out more about the mobility products we offer below.


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accessible travel mobility birmingham


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