Jet Off With Our Covid PCR Tests – 24hr Results Available

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Jet Off With Our Covid PCR Tests – 24hr Results Available

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As travel begins to open up again, we know that you may be looking to reorganise all of the business trips and family holidays you have missed out on. However, we know that with current restrictions, you may be worried about factoring a PCR test into your usual travel costs. That’s why we are offering an affordable Covid PCR test in Birmingham, with a 24 hour results turnaround time from the lab receiving the sample. Our home testing kit will help you save money so that you can focus on what’s important – spending valuable time abroad.


Why do I need a PCR test?

As a result of the Government’s red, amber and green travel lists, regulations may be subject to variation between countries and airlines. Therefore, we recommend checking the Foreign Office website ahead of your travel for up-to-date advice. We also advise that you visit us in-store to purchase your kit in plenty of time. This gives you the opportunity to complete the test, and receive your results, in time for your flight.


If you are unfamiliar with the requirements for each travel list, we have included clarification below:


Red List

You should not travel to these territories or countries. If you are arriving into the UK from a red list country, you are required to take a Covid test, as well as booking your quarantine hotel package. This is where you will complete your mandatory isolation period upon your return. You are also required to book two Covid tests, to be taken on day 2 and day 8 of your isolation; you must also fill out a passenger locator form.


covid pcr test birmingham


Amber List

You should also not travel to these countries or territories. If you are returning to the UK from an amber list country, you must take a Covid test. You must also book your day 2 and day 8 travel tests for your return, as well as filling out your passenger locator form. On arrival, you must isolate at home, or within a fixed location, for 10 days, as well as taking your day 2 and day 8 tests.


Green List

If you are looking to go on your holidays, you are permitted to travel to countries on the green list. Before you travel back to the UK, you must take a Covid test, as well as booking your day 2 test in advance. You are also required to fill out a passenger locator form, however you do not need to isolate.


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Our Covid PCR Test

This test is a home testing kit; it is carried out during the 72 hour window before you are due to travel. You will complete the swab test yourself. Do not worry, as instructions will be available within the kit. We have also included the video above for further guidance. The test involves swabbing both tonsils, or where they would normally be, as well as one nostril. Once your test is complete, your swab should be returned to the lab for analysis. You will then receive your results, along with your Fit to Fly certificate, via email within 24 hours of the lab receiving it. You should make sure to book your test in plenty of time to allow for delays in postage etc.


Don’t get caught out – find out more here and visit us in store to purchase your Covid PCR test in Birmingham today!


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