How your Local Pharmacy Can Help you

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How your Local Pharmacy Can Help you

how pharmacy can help birmingham

Pharmacies are an often-underutilised asset we have in the local community; they are a place where we can go to get free health advice from a trained professional, and purchase treatments to manage or cure minor ailments. Your local pharmacy is a one-stop healthcare hub in the community where you can get help and advice quickly – often without an appointment.

So, how can your local pharmacy in Birmingham help you? Read on to find out!

How your pharmacy can help: Birmingham

Pharmacies aren’t just a place to get prescriptions fulfilled or to go to get emergency medicine in the middle of the night. Pharmacies offer a huge range of services – here are some of the services we offer at King’s Pharmacy in Birmingham.




We offer a wide range of essential skincare products including SPF products to protect your skin, and that of your loved ones, from harmful UV rays. We can also help with skin issues like acne and eczema.

Minor Ailments

Our pharmacists can advise you on minor ailments and ensure you get the right medicine or treatment for minor issues like stomach aches, aches and pains, bacterial infections, and more.


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COVID-19 Testing

We’re extremely fortunate here in the UK that, at the time of writing, almost all adults who want to be vaccinated against COVID-19 have been. Almost 92 million vaccines have been given, which is certainly something to celebrate. However, the virus continues to spread and mutate, so it’s likely that we’ll be dealing with some form of coronavirus for some time to come, and so testing continues to be important. Here at King’s Pharmacy, we offer free Lateral Flow Tests, and PCR testing. Click here to find out more.

Get Tested


Prescription Delivery

Our app allows you to arrange pickup or delivery of your prescriptions so you don’t have to find a way to get to the pharmacy or wait around while your prescriptions are filled. To get the app, click here:

Download The App


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Travel Vaccinations

There are a range of vaccinations the NHS recommends you receive before you head abroad to countries with easily transmitted unpleasant diseases. These vaccines are essential in protecting you and your loved ones from diseases like Malaria. If you have plans to travel in the near future, come in for a consultation and our pharmacists will help you determine which vaccines you need and advise you on other travel essentials. You can find out more in our previous blog post:

Learn More


Mobility Products

Staying mobile is an essential part of maintaining a high quality of life as you age or live with a disability, and so we offer a huge range of mobility products to ensure you can do that. Our Mobility Showroom gives you ample opportunity to try out different mobility products so you can experience what it’s like to use them, or find out what is right for you. You can find out how we can make your life easier here:

Our Mobility Products


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Your local pharmacy is an essential part of the community and is there to help you maintain good health for life. To find out more about how King’s Pharmacy can help you and the Birmingham community, as well as why we do what we do, click here:

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