How to Look After your Sexual Health – Sexual Health Week

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How to Look After your Sexual Health – Sexual Health Week

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Sexual health week is an established event that occurs in September every year, with it being between the 13th and the 19th of September in 2021. Each year, events are put on in the form of webinars, campaigns, and information sessions to spread awareness and start breaking fears and taboos surrounding sexual health. This year, Brook, a charity that offers both clinical sexual health services and education, in addition to wellbeing services for young people, is focusing on examining the secrets to healthy relationships and happy sex lives, with previous years focusing on emergency contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and family planning. Keep reading to learn how to find sexual health services in Birmingham.


find sexual health services birmingham


What does contraception entail?

Contraception refers to the preventative measures used to stop you from getting pregnant if you are sexually active. These include the use of condoms, the combined pill, an IUD, the injection, or the implant, to name a few. The information available online is vast and can become overwhelming if you do not know where to look.

How do I choose the right contraception for me?

The NHS website divides the information on the topic of sexual health into easy-to-understand sections, and gives you all the information you will need to make an informed decision about which contraception is right for you.


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Where can I find sexual health services in Birmingham?

If you prefer to speak to an expert in person and you live in Birmingham or Solihull, Kings Pharmacy offers specialist services, in conjunction with Umbrella Health clinics, that are targeted towards those who want to explore the different contraceptive options available to them. Besides contraception, you can also visit your local clinic for STI testing and treating, as well as emergency contraception. You do not need an appointment, you can just turn up and receive free, confidential and non-judgemental sexual health services. You can find out more about the services we offer, as well as STI symptoms to look out for in our previous blog post:

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find sexual health services birmingham


Umbrella Health clinics are located throughout Birmingham and Solihull so feel free to find your local clinic and pop in to speak to a pharmacist about your options.


What questions should I ask once I find sexual health services in Birmingham?

Sexual health week is a great event that can help you jot down a few questions that you would like to be answered. We have written down several questions below that could guide you on what events you’d like to attend during sexual health week, and the types of things you can ask your local pharmacist:

1. How do I know what contraceptive method is right for me?
2. Is a hormonal, such as the combined pill, or a nonhormonal, such as the IUD, contraception better for me?
3. How soon after starting contraception am I protected against pregnancy?
4. How effective is contraception?
5. What are the side effects?
6. Are there any medications that could make my contraception less effective?

Discussing and seeking help for your sexual health is nothing to be ashamed of; you should never feel afraid to reach out.

Contact or visit us for discreet advice today!

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