Why you Should Book Your Flu Vaccination Today

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Why you Should Book Your Flu Vaccination Today

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination has been at the forefront of all our minds. But with Winter just round the corner, there’s another vaccine to think about, too. Now is a great time to start planning when and where you’re going to book your flu vaccination.

Why is flu vaccination so important?

The UK’s flu vaccination programme has been running effectively for years, and is vital in the effort to prevent individuals from becoming seriously ill from seasonal flu.

This year, taking the time to book your flu vaccination is even more important than ever, as research has found that the combination of COVID-19 and flu increases risk of serious illness. Even with milder symptoms, the flu can be very unpleasant – so if you’re eligible to get the vaccine, it really is a great idea!

Equally, building a strong barrier against the flu will help relieve pressures on the NHS this Winter as they continue to battle with COVID-19.

If you are looking to travel, we also offer all of the vaccinations you need to jet off safely; you can find out more information in our previous blog post:

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book flu vaccination birmingham

Who can book a Free Flu Vaccination?

It’s a common misconception that only older adults are eligible for the free flu vaccination. In fact, there are a range of groups that can take advantage of the UK’s yearly flu vaccination scheme. For example, the flu vaccination is currently offered to:

– Adults aged 50+
– People with certain health conditions, like diabetes or asthma
– Pregnant women
– Those living in long-term residential care
– People who care for an at-risk person
– People who live with someone with a compromised immune system (for example a person with HIV or someone who is having certain cancer treatments)
– Frontline healthcare and social care workers

This Winter, the flu vaccination will also be available to people who live with someone who is at an elevated risk from Covid.


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Is there anyone who shouldn’t have the flu vaccination?

Thankfully, most adults are perfectly able to have the flu vaccination, so if you think you might be eligible, it’s definitely worth discussing with your GP or local Birmingham pharmacy. However, there are a few circumstances which might mean that the flu vaccine isn’t quite right for you, including:

– If you have had a serious allergic reaction to a flu vaccine before
– If you have an egg allergy, you might be at an elevated risk of allergic reaction, but egg-free alternatives are often available
– If you have a high temperature, you may be advised to wait until you’ve recovered to take the vaccine

If you are at all unsure about whether flu vaccination is right for you, drop into King’s Pharmacy in Birmingham for tailored advice.


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Where can I Book a Flu Vaccination in Birmingham?

Contact us to to book your flu vaccination or find out more information. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have to help you decide whether vaccination is right for you. Most GP surgeries in the UK also run a flu vaccination programme and, if you’re pregnant, you may also be able to book flu vaccination through your midwifery service.

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