Our Tips for Migraine Relief – Migraine Awareness Week 2021

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Our Tips for Migraine Relief – Migraine Awareness Week 2021

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Whatever their severity, migraines affect different people in different ways. They can hit you out of nowhere and put you out of action for days at a time, from light sensitivity and seeing auras to having to lay in darkness for prolonged periods of time. That is why we are raising awareness this Migraine Awareness Week, as well as recommending some of our top tips for fast migraine relief in Birmingham.

What is Migraine Awareness Week?

Migraine Awareness Week 2021 (5-11th September) is all about campaigning for better migraine healthcare. The Migraine Trust has conducted a report to raise awareness for problems within the system. These include the fact that 23% of people had been experiencing migraines for 2+ years before getting a diagnosis.

What does a migraine involve?

Ordinarily, a migraine is a moderate to severe headache that is experienced as a throbbing pain on one side of your head.

It can also manifest through the following symptoms:

– Feeling and/or being sick

– An increased light/sound sensitivity

There are three main types of migraine:

– One without a headache, but with other symptoms

– One without an aura, where there aren’t any specific warning signs

– One with an aura, where there are warning signs, such as seeing flashing lights, beforehand


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What causes a migraine?

A number of lifestyle factors can be responsible for a migraine, including:

– Specific foods or drinks

– Tiredness

– Starting your period

– Stress

Some people only have migraines occasionally, however others can have them several times a week

What can I do to get involved this week?

There are a number of ways you can get involved, such as:

– Writing a letter to your local MP or newspaper

– Sharing your experiences online using the hashtags #BetterMigraineCare and #MigraineAwarenessWeek2021, as well as the graphics provided on their website

Resources for support and further guidance

– Living with a migraine – Migraine Trust

– Migraine Trust Helpline


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Migraine Treatments

If migraines are getting in the way of your daily life, and you are in need of a long-term solution, we would recommend visiting your GP. Depending on the severity of your attacks, they may recommend medication. You can find more information on the NHS website. It is important to speak to your pharmacist or GP as overusing painkillers can lead to a painkiller headache, which can worsen your symptoms.


How can we help you get fast migraine relief in Birmingham?

If you feel that you are experiencing headaches in relation to your vision, you can find out more about our eye tests below:

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If you are looking for targeted relief such as cooling patches and painkillers, as well as advice, why wait?

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This blog post was written on behalf of King’s Pharmacy by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.


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