Why Is It Important to Go for Regular Eye Checkup?

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Why Is It Important to Go for Regular Eye Checkup?

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It doesn’t matter your age or physical condition, you should undergo an eye checkup at least once a year to help detect any issues with your eyes before they worsen. This offers you the best opportunity to treat the problem or stop it from getting worse. Maintaining good eye health is vital for your general well-being. It’s therefore recommended that you go for frequent eye health checks in Birmingham.

Common eye problems detected by eye health checks

There are several common eye problems that you may experience at some point in your life.

Some of the commonly known eye problems include:

– Refractive errors
– Age-related macular degeneration
– Dry eye

How can I boost my eye health?

Here are some tips that can help you improve the health of your eyes:

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids can help protect your eyes from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

Protect your eyes from the sun

Wearing sunglasses that block ultraviolet (UV) rays can help protect your eyes from damage caused by the sun. If you’re looking for some to purchase, check out King’s Opticians.

Take breaks from digital screens

Extended use of digital devices can cause eye strain, dry eyes, and other problems. Taking breaks regularly can help in alleviating these symptoms.

Quit smoking

Smoking is a significant risk factor for AMD and cataracts.

Get regular eye health check

Going for eye checks regularly can help diagnose issues early and avoid vision loss.

Practice good hygiene

Washing your hands regularly and avoiding touching your eyes can help prevent the spread of infections that can lead to eye problems.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can help minimise your risk of developing conditions like diabetes. This condition can cause diabetic retinopathy and blindness.

eye health checks in Birmingham

What foods help with eye health?

A healthy and balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrient-rich foods can help promote eye health. Some foods that may be particularly beneficial for eye health include:

Leafy green vegetables

Leafy greens like kale, spinach and kale are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein. These two antioxidants may help protect the eyes from damage caused by blue light and harmful UV radiation.


Fatty fish, such as tuna, salmon, as well as sardines, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They help reduce the risk of macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome.


Eggs are a good source of lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin D and zinc which are important for eye health.

Nuts and seeds

Almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, and flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E. These nutrients mainly protect your eyes from oxidative damage.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits contain high levels of vitamin C. The vitamins help lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.


Carrots contain beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for maintaining healthy vision and may help lower the risk of night blindness and dry eyes.

How do I know if I should go for eye health check?

There are several signs and symptoms that may indicate that you have an eye problem. Here are some of the commonly known symptoms:

– Blurred or distorted vision
– Difficulty seeing objects at a distance
– Eye pain or discomfort
– Sensitivity to light
– Difficulty reading/seeing things up close
– Redness or swelling of the eye
– Burning sensation or itching in the eyes
– Excessive tearing or dryness
– Seeing flashes of light or floating spots in your vision
– Difficulty differentiating colours

eye health checks in Birmingham

Where can I get a eye health check?

Book your appointment with or visit King’s Opticians today for a eye health check in Birmingham. Get in touch with us for more information.

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