Is the Contraceptive Injection Safe & Effective?

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Is the Contraceptive Injection Safe & Effective?

contraceptive injection in Birmingham

The contraceptive injection consists of the hormone progestogen. The injection also prevents pregnancy just like the hormone progesterone, which is naturally made in the ovaries. The hormone progestogen is released into your bloodstream to prevent you from getting pregnant. Keep reading to learn more about getting a contraceptive injection in Birmingham.

How does the contraceptive injection work?

Pregnancy occurs when sperm comes into contact with an egg and fertilises it. The injection interrupts this process in three different ways, as it:

1. Prevents ovulation
2. Thickens the mucus that surrounds the cervix, which hinders the passage of sperm
3. Thins the womb’s lining, preventing a fertilised egg from implanting

The injection is a type of long-acting reversible contraception (abbreviated as LARC). These procedures require a professional doctor or nurse to administer or fix them for you; nevertheless, they do not depend on you remembering to take them.

contraceptive injection in Birmingham

Who is eligible for the injection?

A contraceptive injection is generally safe for most women.

However, it might not be appropriate if you:

– Are pregnant
– Want your menstruation to stay the same
– Intend to give birth in the upcoming year
– Experience irregular bleeding between periods or right after sex
– Have artery disease, heart disease, or a history of strokes
– Are susceptible to osteoporosis
– Have a liver condition
– Have breast cancer or had it in the past

How long does the contraceptive injection last?

The contraceptive injection is very effective when administered properly. You won’t need to consider contraception on a daily basis or each time you engage in sex during this period. This is because it lasts for eight or thirteen weeks, depending on the injection you receive.

When should you go for the contraceptive injection?

As long as you are not pregnant, you may have the injection at any point during your menstrual cycle.

You will be protected from getting pregnant as soon as you receive the injection if you do so within the first five days of your monthly cycle. You must use supplemental contraception, such as condoms, for 7 days if you get the injection on any day of your cycle.

contraceptive injection in Birmingham


An infection at the injection site carries a very low risk. Rarely, a person may experience an allergic response to the injection.

The use of Depo-Provera can thin the bones by affecting your natural oestrogen level, but it does not raise the likelihood that you will break a bone.

When you discontinue the injection, the bone repairs itself, so for the majority of women this is not an issue and it doesn’t seem to have any long-term effects either. The doctor may occasionally advise stopping after two years to prevent long-term bone damage.

What are the side effects?

Weight gain, migraines, mood changes, breast discomfort, and irregular bleeding are some of the side effects. Your menstrual cycle could become more irregular, shorter, heavier, lighter, or stop entirely.

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