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TB Vaccine

At King’s Pharmacy, we now offer the TB Vaccine in Birmingham!


Who should have the TB vaccine?

The BCG vaccine helps protect against tuberculosis. TB is a damaging infection that badly affects the lungs and occasionally other parts of the body. This vaccine is not given as part of the NHS vaccination schedule.

It’s given on the NHS only when a child or adult is thought to have an increased risk of contracting TB.


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The TB BCG vaccination is recommended for babies up to the age of 1 year old who are:

  • – Born where TB rates are higher in comparison to the rest of the country.
  • – Have any immediate family born in a country with high TB rates.



The TB BCG vaccination may be recommended for children who have a higher risk of contracting TB, such as:

  • – Children who have arrived from countries where Tb levels are higher than the average UK rate.
  • – Children who have been in contact with anyone infected with respiratory TB.



The TB BCG vaccination is rarely given to anyone over the age of 16 as it is less successful for adults. However, it is given to healthcare workers or people who are in close contact with people with TB.

If you have any questions about our TB vaccine in Birmingham, contact us.



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