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Come to Kings Pharmacy for Saxenda Weight Loss Pen

If you are trying and struggling to lose weight consistently, there is a weight-loss medication called Saxenda that can help you. At Kings Pharmacy’s Birmingham weight loss clinic, we are accepting Saxenda consultations now!


What is Saxenda?

Saxenda is a prescription-only medication. This means you need approval from a qualified healthcare professional before being able to use it. Saxenda is a self-administered injectable and comes as a pre-loaded injection pen. You will be given training and support so you’ll be fully in control of this weight loss treatment.


How does it work?

Saxenda works by helping you by reducing your appetite. If you feel less hungry, it’s easier to make healthier food choices. Saxenda helps you reach and maintain your weight loss goals by establishing healthy eating habits.





How soon can you expect results?

You will probably see weight loss within two weeks of starting your healthier lifestyle alongside the Saxenda weight loss medication. It is vitally important to ensure that you engage with healthy lifestyle choices alongside the weight loss program in order to see the best results.

Kings Pharmacy’s Birmingham weight loss clinic has an expertly trained team of pharmacists who can help you along your weight loss journey. It is never easy, but losing weight can be one of the most beneficial lifestyle changes you can make.


Is Saxenda the right choice for you?

Visit Kings Pharmacy’s weight loss clinic in Birmingham for a free consultation if:

  • – You are obese and want to lose weight
  • – Struggling to maintain weight loss
  • – You have a weight-related medical problem.

However, you must not use Saxenda weight loss services if you are:

  • – Pregnant or trying to conceive
  • – Currently breastfeeding your child
  • – Allergic to any of the ingredients within the medication


How do I get a prescription?

Saxenda is a prescription only medicine therefore you will need to have an in depth conversation with a member of our team as well as fill out a health questionnaire. You will be required to give information about your age, weight, and general well-being. If you are local to south Birmingham, Saxenda consultations can be completed in-store at our weight loss clinic in Kings Pharmacy.

Start your weight loss journey today by filling out our form and we will be in touch to further discuss your needs.


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