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Medicine Use Review

Our Birmingham Medicine Use Review is a free and readily available NHS service available to patients suffering from specific long-term conditions.

Usually, it is carried out at our pharmacy once every 12 months. However, this is not fixed. In some specific cases, our pharmacist may carry out the procedure at different conditions and intervals. The aim of our Birmingham medical use review is to highlight any issues you may be experiencing when taking your prescribed medication, any possible side effects, and to answer any pressing questions you may have.

Our expert pharmacists will explore all the medication that you are taking, making sure that you understand your medication and the benefits of it and teaching you the correct technique to ensure that your medication is beneficial for you. Additionally, Medicine Use Review is able to provide you with healthy living advice. Including healthy diet advice, weight management, alcohol consumption, stop smoking advice, and exercise.

Our pharmacists will conduct a review with you in a private consultation room allowing you the opportunity to discuss any issues you may be experiencing. Our pharmacist will give you any information and advice and will refer you to a GP if necessary.

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